Meal Hack! Weeknight Cooking Made Faster & Healthier!

I had NO idea Al Fresco all natural fully cooked chicken sausage came in THIS many flavors! Such an easy, tasty, and healthier protein to base sooo many meals off, pasta, salads, rice, tacos, soups...endless possibilities!

Made with high-quality, simple ingredients, it's great for fast, healthy weeknight meals; ready in minutes! Make your favorite chicken dishes easier and faster! It's a timesaving protein to add to your meal prep routine. Make it your key ingredient for weeknight meal-hacks. There's a ton of yummy flavors such as Sweet Apple, Spicy Jalapeño, Sweet Italian Style, and Roasted Pepper & Asiago!

From easy sheet pan recipes to quick one pot meals, head to for recipe inspiration.

Al Fresco is available at select retail locations

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