Cheers, With The Only Beer I Actually Like...Madison Beer! [PODCAST]

After being on a hiatus for 2 years... Our first on-site, in-person artist interview was with the one and ONLY beer that I like, Madison Beer! And what a refreshing feeling she leaves you with too (the beer puns just fit so perfectly, I'm sorry)

She's truly one of the most down to earth, relatable human beings you could reconnect with after being apart from artists for so long! We talk about what it's like being back around her fans while on tour again --and we even *cheers* to a couple hot-take scenarios in our game I like to call "Cheers With A BEER"

Check It out below!

P.S. -- my roommate is a HUGE Madison Beer fan, so I surprised her into being my social media manager to shoot this interview & her reaction is PRICELESS (I'm posting that below too)

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