Funko Announces Marvel Studios Loki Funko POPs!

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Funko Announces Marvel Studios Loki Funko POPs! just in time for the Loki series debut on Disney+. Kyle McMahon has your story.

Finally, my fellow MCU fans: It's Loki time! Marvel Studios Loki series is about to debut on Disney+ and it is so good! (Read my review of Marvel Studios Loki here) To celebrate, the incredible folks over at Funko have announced two Loki Funko POPs for pre-order right now! And while I have no first hand information on this, I can only assume that like WandaVision and The Falcon and Winter Soldier, these are just the first two of an entire Loki Funko POP line!

In my review I stated that Loki is both an intimate and epic ride through the 32 movies and two series of the MCU, giving both die hard fans and new comers a way to enjoyable watch. Seriously. Loki is so freakin good. So you'll want to pre-order these Loki Funko POPs before they sell out.

Marvel Studios Loki: Loki (#895) Funko POP

Photo: Funko

First up is the Marvel Studios Loki: Loki (#895) Funko POP featuring Loki himself casually hanging out in a tan and brown suit with his hands in his pockets. You'll see this exact suit - and this exact moment - in one of the first couple of episodes of Loki on Disney+. Buy the Loki: Loki Funko POP here!

Marvel Studios Loki: Morbius (#896) Funko POP

Photo: Funko

The second Funko POP announced from the Loki line is the Marvel Studios Loki: Morbius (#896) Funko POP. As you undoubtedly learned in my Loki Review, Agent Morbius, played by Owen Wilson, works for the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and is tasked with keeping Loki in check while investigating a violent, murderous variant slaughtering people through time. He is central to the plot of the Loki series and this Funko POP wonderfully depicts him. Buy the Loki: Morbius Funko POP here!

So there you have it! The (most likely first) two Marvel Studios Loki Funko POPs! I've already pre-ordered mine and I'm so excited for them to come in. Let me know if you were able to snag them and be sure to check out the incredible WandaVision Funko POPs too!

Marvel Studios Loki debuts exclusively on Disney+ Wednesday June 9th with additional episodes released each Wednesday thereafter.


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