Cleats From Lancaster Store Help 49ers Kicker Win Game!

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Divisional playoffs this past weekend and Robbie Gould (the 49ers kicker) is crediting cleats he wore from Angelo's Soccer Corner in Lancaster for helping him kick the winning points!

The cleats Robbie wore in the game are made by Nike and are called the Legend Elite 8 SG (with SG being short for 'soft ground'). There are 6 studs in the cleat that can be interchangeable. Robbie asked Angelo to send him a pair after he found out his team was going to be playing the Packers in those frigid, arctic temps. Robbie even gave Angelo a shout out and those new cleats during his post-game press conference.

Angelo has actually been providing Robbie with cleats for years now dating back to his days at Penn State. Says he also provides cleats for other professional football players as well. Angelo says the store takes pride in receiving checks from NFL organizations and also mentions that the shout out from a longtime customer and friend is special.

Source: WGAL

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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