Wife's VDay Gift to Hubby is a little Unusual

Sometimes it might seem like you give the same gifts for Valentine's Day year after year...chocolates, candies, teddy bears, etc. One woman wanted to get a little creative with her gift to her husband this year. So what was it that she ended up giving him for Valentine's Day?

She gave him copies of all the women’s pictures he’s liked on Instagram!!!

TikTok user Gloria posted a video of her getting crafty while creating the photo display. In the clip, she says, “Since everyone’s sharing what they got their significant other for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share mine.” She then explains that the pics are all the girls he’s been liking on Instagram and she adds, “Hope he likes it!” Click HERE to see her video.

But Gloria didn't stop there...she did another video with his reaction to his gift. She presents the photos to him and naturally, he’s confused at first. He’s smiling and she’s giggling behind the camera as he asks “What is this?” and she laughs as she explains. And his response? A huge grin while saying, “Ah, very nice!” So it seems they both found the humor in her calling out his behavior on the ‘gram and he liked his present, too. Check out the video HERE

Source: Women's Health