Pennsylvania Man Breaks Record For Most Movie Theatre Visits In One Year

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A Carlisle native just broke the record for the most movie theatre visits in a single year, and you're not going to believe this! According to UPI, 32-year-old Zach Swope went to the movies 777 times from July 2022 to July 2023. The avid movie theatre-goer began his journey with Minions: Rise of Gru in July of 2022 and concluded with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny two months ago.

The previous record holder watched 715 movies just four years prior. Per Guinness World Record rules, Swope had to watch each movie without taking a trip to the bathroom during the film. He was also not permitted to purchase food or drink, and theatre employees watched to make sure he was following the rules in order to obtain the world record.

Each weekday, Swope headed to the movie theatre after work to watch three movies. He watched even more films during the weekend all using the with Regal Cinemas Regal Unlimited Membership, granting an unlimited amount of monthly visits to the theatre for just $22 per month. There were some repeat movies during the world record holders record breaking movie watching journey with Puss in Boots: The Last Wish viewed a total of 47 times.

Swope mentioned that his favorite film of the year was Across the Spider-Verse and his least favorite was The Devil Conspiracy. The movie fan did not pursue the world record break in vain. Swope set out to raise awareness for mental health issues, and did just that with his local Regal Cinema donating $7,777.77 to the American Federation for Suicide Prevention after he broke the world record!

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