The Chainsmokers Release 'High': Listen To Their First New Track In 2 Years

On Friday (January 28), The Chainsmokers finally released their highly anticipated new single 'High.' The release marks the duo's first new music in two years.

The Chainsmokers, consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have been teasing their next musical era for some time now. 'High' is the first song off their upcoming fourth studio album. Pall and Taggart co-wrote and co-produced the track, ushering in “a new musical era” for The Chainsmokers.

“The song perfectly captures the spirit of today’s relationships, the lengths we will go for someone we love, and the lies we tell ourselves to continue on unhappily,” they said of the song. “However, underlying these dark and often contentious lyrics is a production that feels celebratory because we all know at the end of the day, we never listen to advice. We do what feels best for ourselves and keep telling ourselves it will be different this time.”

At this time, a release date isn't known for the album. Pall and Taggart promise it's coming "soon.'

On the 'High' release day, the duo spoke with Elvis Duran about their lengthy hiatus. "We've been gone on social media for two years," they reflected. "We took the beginning of 2020 to go away and refocus. I don't think the music we were putting out was living up to our potential."

Ultimately, their break allowed them to have the reset they needed. "It forced [us] to find alternative ways to be creative," The Chainsmokers said.

New music isn't the only thing fans of The Chainsmokers have to look forward to, either. Alex and Drew plan to extend their Las Vegas residency for another two years. While nothing is set in stone yet, they're also hoping to hit the road for a tour in addition to playing 30 Vegas shows per year. "We're trying to get out as quickly as we possibly can," they teased.

It's definitely a good time to be a fan of The Chainsmokers. We'll just have to wait and see what they do next.

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