Kellogg's Drops New Birthday Cake Flavored Froot Loops

Who needs an actual birthday cake when you can have Froot Loops Birthday Cake instead? This delicious new cereal flavor has finally been confirmed by Kellogg's and will be hitting shelves in stores near you ASAP...if they haven't already. Here's everything we know about this must-try breakfast treat.

There's been speculation about this new flavor amongst social media foodies for a few months now. Popular Instagram account @CandyHunting shared a preview of Froot Loops Birthday Cake not long after, which left fans even more excited to try the new cereal flavor.

Now Froot Loops Birthday Cake is finally here. You can snag a box (or two) from Walmart's website for $3.64, as well as select Target locations. The cereal is available for a limited time only, though, so make sure you grab a box ASAP.

Are you excited to try Froot Loops Birthday Cake?

Photo: Getty

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