FURever Home Friday: Meet Corinne!

Here's what The Animal Rescue League tells us about Corinne!

"She’s a gorgeous 9 month old orange tabby who loves to chat with you and is so outgoing and affectionate! Our staff loves to hold her—yes! A cat who loves to be held!—and take her over to the window to see all of the action go by! We know that she’s not the type of cat who is going to hide and never hang out with her family. Her outgoing and charming nature is impossible to ignore, and we know she’d make a perfect pet for someone! She seems to be tolerant of other kitties, and we think she’s not too timid that she wouldn’t get along with a pup or small kids, either!"

Also...if you already have a pet that still needs to be spayed or neutered, the ARL is offering 10% off that service this month!

FURever Home Fridays are powered by Manderbach Ford .

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