The Interesting Way Camila Cabello Stayed Warm Performing on New Year's Eve


If you watched New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest this year, or live anywhere in the northeast, you know that New York City was absolutely FRIGID on the last day of 2017. During the special, counting down to 2018, Camila Cabello performed right in Times Square -- and kept warm in an interesting way: by stuffing hand warmers down her pants. Hey, what's a girl to do?

While on The Ellen Show, she explained, "During the soundcheck, I couldn't feel my chin. But I had hand warmers, and I put them like ... I was wearing two layers of clothing or three layers of clothing, because, OK, I'm from Miami. I can't do the negative 30, negative 100, whatever. It's just not gonna happen."

But then pointing to her lady parts, she whispered, "So I put them everywhere, and I put them right here. And it helped a lot. Because I feel like, first of all, it was great, and I don't why, but it was great. And I couldn't put them on my toes, because then it makes the shoe uncomfortable, and this was the only place that I could do it."

When Ellen asked if she put them in her underwear, Camila replied, "I put them above my underwear, but underneath my pants. It was great."


Camila also brought "Havana" with her to The Ellen Show during an amazing performance. Starting out in her dressing room, dressed in a gorgeous gown showing off some leg, matching arm length gloves, with an old Hollywood hair style, Camila sauntered her way backstage as she sang the song, eventually making her way out to the stage with two fan fluttering dancers. Check it all out above!


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