FURever Home Friday's Featured Pet!

Xena is a 5 year old, female, American Pit Bull.  Xena came to the ARL with a terrible skin infection and most all of her fur was missing.  She has a great soul, but few if any potential adopters are able to recognize a wonderful dog in the kennel environment especially when they are in such rough shape and missing 80% of their fur.  Xena was taken home as a foster and has flourished. She loves her human big brothers and her two other four-legged brothers.  She is pretty sure she doesn't like those other fluff balls upstairs though (cats).

Her fur has regrown and her skin condition has been managed and kept under control with a healthy diet and baths. She is a loving caring dog who loves to sit at your feet and be with you, not on you. She knows she's not a lap dog, but loves every other aspect of being a dog - playing, running, and being a friend. Each day she gets more and more comfortable in her new life as a loving healthy dog.

Contact the Animal Rescue League to meet her!

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