Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Actress Zoey Deutch stars in Vampire Academy, the flick based off the popular book series, as Rose a half vampire/half human teen who can read the mind of her best friend Lissa.

Aside from being her best friend, Rose is also the guardian of Queen Lissa Dragomir and she’s sworn to protect her, leaving her with the power to tap into her mind and see her thoughts and dreams.

So if Zoey could channel her character’s powers in real life and tap into a celebrity’s head, who would she chose?!

“I wouldn’t pick a celebrity. I would pick Tortuga, which is my tortoise. I have a Desert Tortoise that literally teleports. It goes from one place to the next in a remarkable speed that I really want to be in that mind to know how it does it."

We didn’t expect that answer. We’d probably chose Beyoncé, naturally.

Catch Vampire Academy out in theaters now.