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By Sierra Marquina

Kerry Washington phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the return of Season 3 of Scandal.

“It just keeps getting better and better,” reveals the actress, who plays Olivia Pope. “It’s kind of nuts.” So much so, she says the twist and turns even keep the cast on their toes!

“There are things that happen in the next couple of episodes that had the entire room at our table read crying. Things that had us applauding and screaming and laughing. I mean, we are shocked at every table read,” Kerry adds.

Considering that last season ended with the vice president killing her husband and the revelation that Olivia’s mom is evil, we can only imagine what’s to come this season.

Although Kerry keeps mum, we had to ask the most crucial question: Will Olivia and the president ever get together? And more importantly, will they move into that beautiful house Fitz built for her?

“Isn’t that crazy, that beautiful house in Vermont? It was such a great moment, Tony [Goldwyn] is such a great actor in that scene … that monologue was so beautifully delivered. But I don’t know! Those are all Shonda [Rhimes] questions. We all have no idea where the show is going. In one episode, we think we know where this is going, but then it gets completely turned upside down.”

As for whether Mellie (Bellamy Young) will finally get her own boyfriend and affair started? “You might want to stay tuned is all I have to say about that,” Kerry teases.

Another person who is likely to tune in to Scandal tonight is the First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama. In an interview with OAWRS last month, she revealed she binge-watched the hit ABC show.

“I heard about [that],” gushes Kerry. “And I was super flattered and honored she said that. I do a lot of work at the White House and I never wanted to say, ‘Hey do you watch my show?’ while we are out there doing work in schools … so I’ve never asked her. So it was really fun to hear she watches the show and enjoying it.”

Kerry goes on to assure us what goes down on Scandal surely doesn’t happen in real life. “I know that none of this stuff happens in our current White House,” Kerry laughs. “There are White Houses that I think could identify with some of our story lines, but our current White House, not so much.”

And she’d know, as she’s worked with the president and first lady on the Affordable Care Act. “It’s been such an amazing journey to see this historic change in health care happen,” says Kerry. “I think a lot of people think sickness and illness won’t happen to them and to tell young people … this is an opportunity for you … if you don’t have health care … it’s such a great opportunity for people to be able to take care of themselves.”

Catch an all new Scandal tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

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