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By Kathleen Perricone

A lot has changed since we last talked to Adam Levine … for one, he got married!

So when the Maroon 5 frontman called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to talk about the band’s new album, V, and latest single, “Animals,” Ryan of course had to ask about the newlywed life.

So does he feel any different now that he’s a husband?

“I think it does change, but in a great way because … you feel like a man or something, it’s weird,” explains Adam, who wed supermodel Behati Prinsloo in Cabo San Lucas in July. “The relationship doesn’t change, but you feel slightly more masculine. I feel like from a man’s perspective … at the end of the day, if you’re with the right person, the guy is supposed to feel like, I think, a little bit more of a man.”

And with marriage will soon come the baby carriage … but not that soon. “I don’t know,” muses Adam, 35. “We’re definitely going to do it, I want to have 100 kids. I want to have more kids than would be socially responsible. I don’t know when we’re going to do it. We can’t do it right now. I think it’s absolutely in the works for some future date.”

As for Maroon 5′s new album, Adam says it’s more pop than their last album, Overexposed. “I think the album has more depth than the last one, not to say the last one wasn’t great. But I feel like this one kind of has hits, but it has hits that mean something just a little more.”

The band will be on-set this weekend to make the video for their second single, “Animals,” which Adam says, “is going to be something to talk about, let’s just put it that way.”

Will there be body painting, asked Ellen. “In a twisted way, there will be. It’s going to be really dark,” he promises.

But Adam was a little less forthcoming when it came to Maroon 5′s collaboration with Gwen Stefani, “My Heart Is Open,” which will be on V.

“It’s awesome,” was about all he’d give us. “I love that song so much. I co-wrote that with Sia. Gwen is so amazing on it. It’s serendipitous that she’s on it. We decided to do it before she was on the show [The Voice], which is hilarious. Right before she announced the show, we got this going, so it was a total coincidence.”

V will be out on iTunes on September 2. Pre-order it now here!