May 19th



Emojis are fun to use when texting friends and now they’ve come to life!! is selling Emoji pillows for $19.99 each.  If you are an Emoji fanatic, one of those people that can have a conversation with only Emojis, you need this in your life. There are a few of the faces; smile, hearts, grin, wink, smirk even some other social media references like the “+Follow” and “Like” button! These are all great, but my absolute favorite Emoji pillow is the poop one! Doesn’t everyone want a cute little poop pillow on their bed?


Comunitee is a social news app that has been called the “Instagram of news” because you can get the news you want, quickly, without clutter. After choosing the categories of news you want to read about you’ll see headlines and snippets of news stories (with the option to read the entire story). Easily scroll back and forth through stories, comment on each one, share with friends, or favorite them! The more you use Comunitee the more it learns the news you like. Connect with friends through the app to see what news they’re reading! This weekend I used Comunitee and I learned that there is a meat crisis! The price of shrimp is up 61% and beef is at an all-time high!!