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The man of a million voices - literally - Otto Knows created one of the biggest dance floor anthems of the past few years. If you've been to any festival or dance music event recently, chances are you've heard it and sang along to it. 

His music has landed him on the main stages at some of the biggest festivals in the world, and this summer a spot at Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell's Departures party in Ibiza. 

We got to hang out with Otto at Electric Zoo in New York City. He told us about working with Sebastian Ingrosso as a mentor (but he describes him as a brother), his hit anthem, and reveals that he has a lot of new music on the way - including a big collab! Check it out below:

Where have you been this summer in terms of touring?

I've been Europe actually, the whole summer, which has been really hectic as well. So I'm back now in the States for now, and then I go back and forth, until Christmas.

How was it being a part of Departures in Ibiza? How did you enjoy being with Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell?

It's an amazing. It's the best job in the world for me! You got everything, party people, the weather - it's outside - and it's it's a big honor to play with, you know,   seven acts every week, not every week, but several times. 

We [Sebastian Ingrosso & Axwell] are good friends and it's fun to do something together. And it felt like I really was a part of it, it's like seven acts a night, you know, it was super!

What has been the highlight of summer for you?

I gotta say Tomorrowland. I mean, it’s just as good as everyone says it is. And, you know, to play the main stage, [with] so many people from different countries and from all over the world ... it's really, really something different me. I haven't really experienced that before. The whole production is amazing, you can't find it anywhere else.

Who has been really inspirational or like a mentor to you? 

It's been Sebastian [Ingrosso], for sure. I mean, we talk every day, and share our music, kind of views. He's been my brother and I'm really happy to have him. You know, I don't think I would be here without him. So, yeah, [I] just thank him a lot! 

Being the man of "Million Voices," the song is still pretty big! Did you ever think it would have such a lasting effect?

Yeah, that's me! Yeah it's still working out there. Maybe it's going to become a classic! So, yeah, I'm really happy to have done it and I'm looking forward to making more music.

Can fans expect to hear some new music soon?

Yeah, it's coming, a lot of stuff. You know, I'm just busy on a touring and everything. So, but I got track with my friend, Thomas Gold, coming out. And I got a remix for Axtone out in a couple of weeks. So, it's coming - a lot of stuff!

*Hint: He played some of his new tunes during his set, including his new remix for Axtone and a track with Deniz Koyu!

Well the touring never ends, where are you headed to next?

Next I'm going to Calgary and Miami. That's the good part of it. We [would be] really, really, really sad if the touring would stop, you know. You can see like the end of it. But I'm just happy to come, to be able what I'm doing, then continue doing what I’m doing.

Do you like touring in America?

Yes, it's kind of different. It's so easy here with the traveling and everything. But there's party people everywhere, so I'm just happy to be back here as well now.

Well, since we are at Electric Zoo. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A lion, you know, king of the jungle!

Photo Credit Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio