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Lady Gaga is joining Team Miley.  The Mother Monster defended the young star against critics when she dropped by Wednesday's "Watch What Happens Live."  

Gaga said that "everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone" and that Miley is "entitled to her own artistic expression."  She added that she doesn't understand why people go "on and on about hating things" because they can just "change the channel" if they don't like it. 

Gaga also spoke up in defense of One Direction, the British boyband that was boo-ed while accepting an award at last month's Video Music Awards.  She said that she was "completely embarrassed for MTV and for America" after the incident, because U.K. audiences never would have been "so impolite" to her.  

The pop star showed up at the Bravo show, decked out in what's becoming her new signature look - a clam-shell bra and mermaid wig.  She revealed her reason behind not wanting to release the duet she recorded with Cher, saying that she didn't feel the song was worthy of someone she has "so much respect for." 

When a fan called in to ask about another collaboration with Beyonce, Gaga said they had no plans, but did hint at a sequel to their hit "Telephone."  She also answered Andy's questions about her sexuality and the time she spent as a burlesque dancer before becoming famous.