SHOCKER: Woman loses an EYE when cooking an EGG and it EXPLODES!


You ask me why I don't eat eggs. This... is why.

This 22 year old woman's life is changed forever after a freak accident with eggs she was cooking... and she was following instructions she found on some sort of food website.

See, if this is what happens when you cook eggs, you can continue to count me out of ever wanting to try them, consume them, devour them, enjoy them.

Just nope. No way. Not happening. Not fried. Not microwaved. Not hard boiled.

Nope. My parents named me Toby and I am egg-free. Egg free for you. Egg free for me.

Except for if the eggs are in mayo. Or baked into a cake or whatnot. Pancakes and such. You know.

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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