#OMG: What happened at this military GERM lab and why don't we know?!?


Well this isn't disconcerting or anything...

If you know anyone who lives near this FORT DETRICK in MARYLAND, you may want to check on 'em... because according to news reports, people there are stressing out about why one of the MILITARY'S LARGEST GERM LABS closed down after the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL gave them FAILING GRADES for SAFETY!

Check out this OMINOUS statement from a FOX DC news report:

The statement said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to issue a “cease and desist order” last month to halt the research at Fort Detrick because the center did not have “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs."

For the record, FORT DETRICK is just about 30 minutes NORTH of WASHINGTON DC and is 20 minutes from the PRESIDENTIAL RETREAT at CAMP DAVID.

The military hasn't had much to say and locals are triggered... for obvious reasons... you know... like EBOLA and other diseases and whatnot. But who knows what's up since the work they do there... is CLASSIFIED.

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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