CREEPERS: Who creeping on HOMES leaving TV's on the porch?! #RANDOM!!


Okay, who is creeping out and putting old-style TV's on people's doorsteps in Virginia?

Something like 50 homes in Henrico County, Virginia, woke up finding TELEVISIONS on people's doorsteps... all left by some random dude wearing a TV on his head...

... and it's weird!

Cops want to know who it is.... and people are wondering why some dude would go to all of these homes with all of these TV's, the delivery of which has people calling the whole deal "very TWILIGHT ZONE..." Whomever this is has been caught on home security cameras and such...

Crazy, right? Has this happened to you? What would you do if this did??


Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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