TAYLOR SWIFT: Going to her Stadium Tour? You NEED TO READ THIS!


Taylor Swift's REPUTATION STADIUM TOUR is making its way across the country and around the world... and if you are going to go to her show, which is selling out MASSIVE arenas and stadiums everywhere, there are a few things you need to know... and because I care, I've gone out personally to gather these details for you! 

1) THERE WILL BE RIDICULOUS TRAFFIC - Planning on leaving an hour early? Better make that TWO hours early. Traffic getting to the venue in DC - FEDEX FIELD - was a total nightmare, and we sat in traffic for the better part of 90 minutes. Add in the already bad rush hour commute, and you get the recipe for disaster. Just plan on delays, pop your Doctor-prescribed anxiety med and make the most of your wait. 

2) TAKE A CLEAR BAG and DON'T TAKE MASSIVE PURSES - Kyla, my 14-year-old daughter, and her friend were denied entry at first because they had purses and a backpack-type-bag which were deemed too be too BIG by security, and so, they could have either left them unattended outside, or we could have taken them back to the car... but we didn't drive, so that wasn't an option. What we ended up doing - and got lucky doing - was grabbing merchandise OUTSIDE the show so we could use the clear bags they gave us to carry all the contents of the contraband bags. We dumped all the contents of the purse and the bag into the clear bags and we got through security, but this might not work every time, so, just travel light. Ditch the big purse, carry a credit card, some cash, maybe a small wallet and you should be okay. 

3) BE PREPARED FOR "CASH-ONLY" SITUATIONS - There were times last night when the "dad-and-mom-juice" stands couldn't take credit cards for whatever reason. AND, to make matters worse, people found out these drink stands couldn't take the plastic after they'd waited in LONG lines for like 30 minutes! So, don't let this happen to you... get some cash out just in case this happens, because the thirst is real and you need to stay hydrated, plus, a solid drink can certainly help with the parenting stresses which come if you are playing the role of chaperone at the show! 

4) MERCH LINES ARE INSANE - get the merch needs for your kids - or you - out of the way early... like before you go into the venue, or before you go to  your seat. If you wait until the end of the show, like I did, the lines will be massive, the wait will be long and you will end up being super frustrated. 

5) BE PATIENT FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN - Last night, our late night end of show merch run was held up BIG TIME by people who didn't know what they wanted, or who had to try on every SINGLE ITEM OF MERCH... remember, people don't always think of others, and so you'll probably encounter some of this... so be patient as long as possible, and if that patience wears out, bribe your kid to yell "WHATS THE HOLD UP" or "HEY HURRY UP THERE'S A LINE" or, get your one friend who might have some liquid courage to do the same thing for you. 

5) LEAVE BEFORE THE SHOW ENDS - I know, you want to see it all, but, look, 100,000 people who caused the traffic coming in, will cause it going out. Don't get caught in more insane traffic. Split before the last song and trust me, you'll be able to find video of the finale on YouTube OR on Apple Music/TV when her REPUTATION TOUR video drops just in time for Christmas shopping. 

OH, and just a heads up... assuming the tour is following the same timeline, the doors to the venue open at 7p, and the opening acts are done by 8:20-ish. Taylor takes the stage at 9p. 

One more thing... consider taking a ride sharing service, like UBER or LYFT, or you can rock some sort of limo bus or limo situation... just realize that you'll still have to HIKE about a half-mile or so to get to the stadium because the cops and stadium parking security types only allow them to traverse so far onto the property. Wear comfy shoes, get as close as you can and walk the rest... or take METRO, but if you do, know that walk will take you even longer. 

Good luck! Parent to parent, I'm thinking about you! Have fun! 

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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