INTERVIEW: Shaed talks about living as three and making music

It's not often that you see a hit-making musician [or group] rep and live out of DC as they continue to create new music. Shaed is one of groups taking advantage of the cherry blossom filled city!

After meeting as teenagers at the legendary 9:30 Club, Chelsea and twin brothers Max and Spencer became instant best friends. Even with Chelsea's solo career, they made music together and eventually knew that's how it should stay.

Now, Chelsea and Spencer are married, and Max lives with them in their DC home, equipped with a studio.

As much as one can trust that it's like a family and isn't awkward, it's also hard to imagine how there couldn't be any issues, so I asked Chelsea about how they make it work without any separation. I also talked to her about how their hit "Trampoline" was created [it involved old home videos] and as I do with every interview, how she was able to go from being a self-described "loner" in high school to the face of a music group.

Listen to the entire conversation below, then check out the song and let us know if we should play it for you on the station!

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