20,000 Crunches In 30 Minutes...While Lying Down?

THIS is a body sculpting treatment that JUST makes sense! You can see your muscles working! It's hard to describe how it feels, but it's not painful. Some people nap while they're doing a treatment at Blossom Med Spa in Lancaster!

I'm a wuss, so we took it slow getting up to 100%. Shannon, the EMSculpting expert answered all my ridiculous questions. If you don't have 13 minutes to watch this...just go to the end for the close up! When you call...ask about saving $300 on the EMSculpt treatment!

Call 717-208-7070!

Get a jump start on your fitness and the figure you want! EMSculpt can also help shape your bum...and soon arms and ankles!

Blossom Med Spa has lots of treatments and products to make you feel better...or feel better about yourself. Raise that confidence! Here's another treatment...

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