March 31st

It’s about time our dogs get to join in on the social media fun! Pack is a social network for us humans to showcase our dogs by posting pics and sharing stories.  It’s a well put together site that’s user friendly and fun to use.  Post your dogs name, their breed, age, weight, and what their super hero tagline would be! Romeo’s is “the silliest kisser there ever was”…perfect, I know.  Make friends and track other people’s dogs. Each breed has their own Pack page so it’s fun to see other dogs like yours. It’s also a really cool place if you want to get a dog and aren’t sure what brand. Search through the breeds and check out their personalities. I’m following Lucy, a bulldog, who loves the show. Her owner, Lauren, is pretty cool too!

Get ready for the ride of your life. The app Spaceteam is NO JOKE. The free app that works with up to 4 players . Each of your friends needs to have the app downloaded and open in order to fly in the spaceship. Wifi or bluetooth must be connected for all players. When the game starts you are faced with a set of spaceship controls so are the other players. Everyone has a different set of controls. You will see commands on your screen, if the command doesn’t match one of your controls you must yell it out for one of your Speaceteammates to enable! It gets crazy when everyone is yelling because the names are tongue twisters. It’s a lot of fun plus I hear it’s a great drinking game. Download for Android and iPhone.