June 11th



I’m a short human, it’s always such a dilemma to find pants that fit me right. I find myself in the kids section because women’s jeans are too long!  SearchByInseam.com is perfect for short people like me or tall people who can never find pants long enough! Start with a pair of pants you already have that fit you and measure the inseam (crotch area to the bottom of the leg). Head to the site, select your inseam size, and voila! You’ll have pants or shorts in your size from all over the web right at your finger tips! The site is for men, women, shorts, jeans, or pants!


I’m about to tell you about the coolest thing ever. Ringly is a ring that allows you to put your phone away and enjoy the moment. How? Set it to vibrate only when something important is coming through your phone. Throw your phone in your purse and enjoy the concert, street fair, party, whatever it may be. If an important reminder, message, email,Tweet, or call comes through your Ringly will vibrate right on your finger. There are four different vibration patterns to choose from. The Fall 2014 18k matte gold rings are on pre-sale right now at a discounted rate. The first 1,000 rings sold will have a real diamond inside. The rings are pretty and can be worn with a fancy or casual outfit. They have a huge rectangular gem stone on the band that comes in a few different colors!