February 28th

Crazy fun socks are all the rage. Come on, your feet should be stylish too! If you don't have a few pairs you need to step up your sock game. Arthur Geroge and Mauzay and two perfect companies to get your sock drawer in shape. Arthur George is Rob Kardashian's sock company and some of the pairs are hilarious! I have ones that say "BAD" on the bottom of one foot and "ASS" on the other, because, I'm BAD ASS. The crazy designs are endless, there are even fun ankle socks as well as tights and leggings! Enter keyword code: ELVIS for 15% off!

Mauzay socks released new designs every single month. They believe socks complete your look and want you to show off! All of us on the show have a pair! Mauzay individually wraps each pair in it's own packet! The pairs are super stylish and there's a pair for every personality! Our listeners will get 40% when they enter keyword code: ELVIS. You can get socks for under $10!



Today is a big day for the fashion world! Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the most famous fashionistas of all time, releases her new shoe and handbag collection! The Italian-made shoes are wardrobe must haves! She named the shoes she loves the most The Carrie. It launched on Nordstrom.com over night and will be in stores today! Hurry up and get there before they sell out!