February 27th

Imagine getting paid to go to the gym? You would never miss it! The PACT app does exactly that. It sounds too good to be true but it’s real! Our listener, Jillian bought herself a new shirt with the money she made from working out and already has $9 in her account again! You set up your PACT weekly with how many times you plan on working out, how many veggies you’ll eat, and logging your meals. The PACT app knows you’ve worked out by using your phone’s GPS to check if you are at the gym. You must be at that location for at least 30 minutes. Set your stakes, decide on the amount you want to be charged if you don’t do what you’ve made a PACT to do and you will be charged! It’s set up through PayPal so it’s really easy! If you have FitBit and MyFitnessPal you can use that to track within the app as well! iPhone and Android.



One of the best beauty products my grandma taught me about was NailTek, she used to have me buy it for her when I worked at the drug store. So when Bethany came to me and asked me what to use on her weak nails I told her “NailTek!” In just two weeks Bethany’s nails have done a total transformation, they were practically ruined from putting on fake nails and now they are perfect!! It’s crazy how great this stuff works. Read their nail guide to see which product is best for your nail situation. Bethany has been using the formula for brittle nails.