MY BROKEN FINGER: How did you break your finger?

THROW UP ON A RIDE: So on Thursday Greg T has to be on that new ride that drops you 400 ft in the air. He thinks he will throw up. Did you throw up on a ride? How are you today?

RE-HEATED TODAY: Left overs are awesome right? Everyone here is reheating yesterday's food. What are you reheating today for lunch? Are you excited about it?

FINALY GRADUATED: It took Greg T a long time to graduate college. Did you just graduate? Did it take longer than Greg T? How long?

WHILE PASSED OUT: Yesterday while Worst Assistant Anthony passed out in Greg T's car and he took up close pictures of his face and posted them to twitter. When Anthony woke up and saw the photos, he was PISSED! Haha! What did your friends do to you when you were passed out?

SLEEPING ON AN AIRCRAFT-CARRIER: Later today, Greg T is taking a helicopter to an aircraft carrier where he will sleep over for a night. What should he expect and what are the sleeping conditions like?