BHA HUMBUG!: Every loves Christmas, right? Who hates Christmas? Seriously… Who is listening that hates Christmas?

CAR WITH A RIBBON: Greg T keeps seeing all the car commercials with the great big ribbon on the roof of the car. He wants to know…. Have you ever been surprised with a big ribbon on a new car in the driveway?

I KNOW WHAT I’M GETTING: Greg T knows a girl who KNOWS that she is getting engaged this Christmas. The boyfriend has NO CLUE she knows! What do you know that you’re getting this year?

THE RE-GIFTER: Are you that person? Are you a re-gifter? Skeery did it to Greg T once. Greg T bought him a fondue set and he rewrapped it and gave it back the following year. So admit it… do you do this too?

AIN’T GETTING SH*T THIS YEAR: Who in your life ain’t getting a gift this year? Sound off. Tell us why!