COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: Through the years we have had so many famous presidents. Greg T has never met a President of the United States in his life. If you’ve been lucky enough to have even shaken the hand of the president, who was it and what was it like when you met him?

Greg T loves this show! Loves it! There are so many scandals happening… it’s difficult to talk about them all. But don’t we all have scandals in our lives? What’s your scandal?

How cool would it be to work in the White House? The secret service, a maid, a sharp shooter, a secretary, The Dog Walker, anything! Have you ever worked in the White House what did you do?

On Scandal the president’s wife and Olivia Pope finally meet head on and they both know what each other is thinking. When was it that you met the Mistress? What was it like and where were you?

You are out there somewhere. Are you living under an assumed name in a secret location? What’s that like?

Maybe they are your neighbor, but what if they are secret agents! Do you have a Top Secret Job? What do you do? Have you had a top secret job in the past? Were you a spy?!?



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