An elaborate prank involving a dinosaur costume is scaring, or at least startling, unsuspecting passers-by in Barrington, R.I.


Jay Lichtenberger and Brian Medeiros Jr. comprise the YouTube comedy duo The Prank Bros. Lichtenberger and Medeiros teamed up with New York-based KHA Entertainment for their most recent skit. The comedians placed a nest with fake eggs by a bike path in the New England town. When a walker, jogger, or biker would get too close to the eggs, a fake dinosaur popped out of a wooded area to scare the bejesus out of the mark.

The first targets are two women walking their dogs. After the puppies walk over to inspect the eggs, the person dressed in the dinosaur costume comes roaring out of the trees. Both women scream, and one tries to shoo the T. rex away.

Reactions vary from the very scared to "Are you kidding me?"

"Is it April Fools'?" asks one woman who calmly walks by. "I thought it was Memorial Day."

The video went live last Saturday and has almost 150,000 views.

"Fake! That's not a real dinosaur!" YouTube user Aiyanna Driver panned in the comments section. She then responded to one "no kidding" comment with, "You're just mad that I figured out it was a fake dinosaur before you could."

"Dinosaur In Real Life Prank" lives on the Pranks YouTube channel, which updates every Saturday with a new skit. A similar prank done by the group in Newport, R.I., about seven months ago is their most popular-to-date, with more than 1.7 million views.

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