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Selena Gomez opens up about family, junk food, and close friend Taylor Swiftin her new Teen Vogue cover profile.

“I’m 21, so now I’ve entered the decade of confusion about who I am and what I want to do with my life, and that’s what this entire decade’s going to be,” the “Come & Get It” singer tells the magazine.

Gomez credits her friends and family - especially mom Mandy - for keeping her down to earth as she pursues stardom.

“I’m pretty lucky. That’s for sure. I mean, we’re typical Gilmore girls: Half the time she’ll annoy me, and half the time I’ll annoy her,” she says about their mother-daughter relationship.

And what distinguishes Gomez from BFF Swift?

She explains, “The difference between Taylor and me is she was sixteen with the confidence of a 25-year-old. Actually, I should say 80-year-old, because she’s such an old soul.”

“I was not that way. I was very sheltered until about eighteen or nineteen. I still live at home, and I’m 21!” says Gomez. “She does inspire me like crazy, but I wouldn’t change my path, because it allowed me to figure out all that stuff and do it on my own.”

Elsewhere in the Teen Vogue story, Gomez talks about not feeling comfortable as a rebel, but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect.

“I eat junk. I’m from the South, so I love Mexican food, greasy pasta, and fried things. I do try, every now and then, to put something in my body that will be good, but, honestly, I’ve never liked working out,” explains the singer.

She adds “I need to be active in some way, though—that’s why I kind of secretly do it for my show. We have thirteen choreographed pieces, and it’s a 90-minute set. I consider that my workout!”